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Our products include a full range of Indoor & Outdoor Playground, Tampoline, Ropes Courses Create and so Forth. We have standard workshop, specialist manufacturing equipment and product exhibition hall, Since our institution, all workers are trying to find product quality.

You Want Indoor Playground?

As the weather begins to grow colder, children and parents everywhere will be trying to find fun and exciting places to play, play, and burn all of that extra energy. Families across Washington will likely be in need of an optimal children' play area to permit their little adventurer to conduct free and enjoy being a child. If you've seen visiting an indoor playground in the Bellevue region , then make sure you stop by Funtastic Playtorium do observe how we do pleasure!
Our kids' playground is intended for ages 10 and under, allowing children of all sizes to play and run within the safety of our bonded facility. The colder temperatures may help keep many families cooped up in the house, creating a trip to one of the play places in Factoria or Alderwood a smart idea! Whether you're considering a fun afternoon away or another spot for your kid's birthday party, we are here to provide the best time for everyone!
Welcoming Environments
It's nice to step into a hot, clean center and get out of the cold. You'll be greeted by knowledgeable and friendly staff, subsequently introduced to our playground areas. There is a separate place for small ones to playwith, and adults will be able to keep an eye on their little explorers at all times. While we're not a daycare, our buildings are structured to ensure the maximum degree of security is upheld at all times. We're happy here and always happy to assist!
Loads of Tasks
The holidays can leave your little ones at the house or in child care through the day, creating a serious need for a socket. Funtastic Playtorium is pleased to offer a variety of fun activities and playground equipment, hard your child in a fun, engaging fashion. From bridges and jumping platforms to ball pits, slides, and much more, every child will be able to laugh while they roam free.
Minimized Screen Time
Studies have proven that children are exposed to displays on average approximately five hours a day, which far surpasses health programs, which suggest a maximum of two hours. Our reliance on technology has created a range of unhealthy habits, making it a nice change of pace to toss out the phone and unplug for awhile.

indoor playground equipmentActive Bodies, Active Minds

Past the two hour limit recommended for displays, caregivers all over have suggested that children get at least one hour of exercise per day. Getting your little one out of the house and running around openly to leap and play can offer the very best socket for pent-up energy, providing healthful benefits for the human body and mind.
While we like to discuss the long-term benefits provided by play, you are likely looking for a direct result for your son or daughter. For years, our indoor playgrounds at Factoria and Alderwood (next to JCPenney in the Alderwood Mall!) Have provided secure, fun environments that allow children to run, play, and interact. Contact us now to find out more, and be sure to visit one of our places to see the fun for yourself!
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